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Diane Fujimoto

Diane Fujimoto

Los Altos, CA


Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I grew up with a strong interest in art and was inspired by my dad, who was a draftsman. Art was my favorite subject in school, but unfortunately, in those days, it was not considered a viable career option. So, I went to college and got a degree in Textile Design. After 10 years working in New York city in that field, I joined the corporate world and my art was reduced to just a hobby. In 1995, I met my husband who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and made the move across the country to join him. I always knew I would get back to my artwork and that seemed like a good time to begin taking watercolor classes. Over the years, I have taken multiple workshops with nationally known artists Ted Nuttall, Gerald Brommer, Myrna Wacknov and Claire Schroeven Verbiest and continue to learn and get inspired by my fellow artists in our weekly studio session.
Why watercolor? I love the surprise of watercolor. It's a magical medium, never knowing what will happen when you add water to the paint and then brush to the paper.


Lessons from Bhutan by Diane Fujimoto


Old Glory Forever Young by Diane Fujimoto


Self-portrait by Diane Fujimoto


Hawaiian Hibiscus by Diane Fujimoto


Monday's Child by Diane Fujimoto


Sur La Seine by Diane Fujimoto


The Entertainer by Diane Fujimoto


The View of Dijon by Diane Fujimoto


Little Man Big Dreams by Diane Fujimoto


Ode to Georgia by Diane Fujimoto


Cherry Blossom -C by Diane Fujimoto


Waiting For Merlot by Diane Fujimoto


Cherry Blossoms- B by Diane Fujimoto


Blinded By The Light by Diane Fujimoto


It's Been A Long Summer by Diane Fujimoto


Chinese Lanterns for Euros by Diane Fujimoto


Sun-Kissed by Diane Fujimoto


A Girl's Best Friend by Diane Fujimoto